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2009-06-04 10:20:10 by SgtBigfish

Well, I was ABOUT to fall asleep when I hear a screeching noise. I try to see where it's coming from, and it's coming from a chest at the foot of my bed. At this point it's about 1:00 AM so I'm kinda loopy; I thought a bird was in there. I open the box and it's REALLY loud. I can't see anything and since I'm loopy I don't think to turn on the lights, so I;m just sitting there like a mungaloid waiting it out. At 4:00, there was wnough light to see what it was and it was a tape-recorder! I guess a dumb-bell was crushing it.

I'm very tired.


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2009-06-15 21:32:37

i hope you get some good sleep man, i know how you feel.

SgtBigfish responds:

Thanks, man. I officially hate tape recorders now :D